Chief Director

Park Joon Shik

  • Current) Professor at Sociology Department of Hallym University
  • Current) Chairperson of Minimum Wage Committee
  • Former) Chief of Planning Department at Hallym University, Vice President of Hallym Academy of Sciences

Executive Director

Choo Won Suh

  • Current) Chief Director of the Korea Logistics Forum
  • Former) Professor at International Relations Department of Kyonggi University
  • Former) Chairperson of Korean Finance & Service Workers’ Union

Ex Officio Director

Park Hong Bae

  • Current) Chairperson of Korean Finance & Service Workers’ Union
  • Current) Chief Director of Financial Economy Institute
  • Former) Chairperson of National Bank Industry Trade Council

Ex Officio Director

Cho Yong Byoung

  • Current) Chairman of Korea Financial Industry Employers Association
  • Current) Chairman of Korea Federation of Banks
  • Former) Chairman, CEO of Shinhan Financial Group

Kim Dong Man

  • Current) Chief Director of Korea Platform Freelancer Labor Mutual Aid Association
  • Former) Chief Director of Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • Former) Chairperson of Federation of Korean Trade Unions

Roh Kwang pyo

  • Current) Chief Director of Public Workers Solidarity Foundation
  • Former) Director of Korea Employment and Labor Educational Institute
  • Former) Manager of Korea Labor & Society Institute

Park Ji Soon

  • Current) Professor at Korea University Law School
  • Current) Director at Labor Graduate School of Korea University
  • Current) Chairman of Society of Labor Law Theory and Profession

Lee Kye Moon

  • Current) President of Namyangju City Urban Corporation
  • Former) Chair Professor at Dongguk University Business School
  • Former) Head of Korea Inclusive Finance Agency
    concurrent) Head of Credit Counseling & Recovery Service

Lee Jong Ik

  • Current) Representative and Top Investment Manager of Korea Social Investment Foundation
  • Current) Special Management Consultant of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Ministry of Employment and Labor, Seoul, Gyeonggi-do
  • Former) Partner at Deloitte Korea

Choe Hyun Cha

  • Current) Professor at Consumer Department of Seoul National University
  • Former) Member of the Financial Services Commission Financial Reformation Committee, Chairperson of Financial Development Council Financial Consumer People's Financial Subcommittee
  • Former) Chairman of Korean Academy of Financial Consumers

Ha Seung Soo

  • Attorney, Certified Public Accountant
  • Current) Representative of Public Interest & Legal Clinic Center Agricultural Bureau
  • Former) Associate Professor at Jeju National University Law School

Choi Ho Yoon

  • Certified Public Accountant, Tax Accountant
  • Current) Representative of Accounting Firm DUHAM
  • Current) Advisory Committee of KICPA Public Cooperation

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